• Dr. med. vet. Aleksandar Vidović
  • Specialist veterinarian for surgery
  • Specialist veterinarian for horses
  • Further training authorisation for both specialties
1985 until 1991
Study of veterinary medicine

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Belgrade.

January 1992 until end of 1995
Surgical education

at the Veterinary Clinic Hochmoor with Prof. Dr. B. Huskamp as assistant veterinarian / resident

May 1997

on gastrointestinal colic in horses at the Hochmoor Veterinary Clinic under the supervision of Prof. Dr. B. Huskamp and at the Helsinki University of Veterinary Medicine, Finland, under Prof. Dr. M. Sandholm.
Doctorate at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Leipzig.

"The quantitative limulus-amoebocyte-lysate endotoxin assay in horses with gastrointestinal colic under particular consideration of endotoxemia development throughout the course of disease."

Decision on the conferral of the doctoral degree of 7 May 1997

Read dissertation
1995 until 1998
Assistant physician

Veterinary practice Dr. J. Brunk (specialist veterinarian for horses) in Pulheim near Cologne.

1998 until 2011
Working in a veterinary clinic

In the Veterinary Clinic for Horses in Altforweiler.
With self-employment / partnership from 2002 to 2011.

March 1999
Recognition as a specialist veterinarian for surgery
August 2000
Recognition as a specialist veterinarian for horses
Since October 2002
Further training authorisation

Erste Further training authorisation for the speciality "Surgery" and for the speciality "Equine".

August 2011 until May 2013
Surgeon in charge

in the Equine Clinic Burg Müggenhausen.
Foundation and management of the colic department with intensive care unit.
Head of the nuclear medicine department.

May 2013 until December 2019
Managing Director and Medical Director

Equine Clinic St. Georg in Trier GmbH.

December 2019 until August 2021
Medical Director

Equine Clinic St. Georg in Trier Altano GmbH.

August 2021
Foundation of 'Vidocq Equine Surgery Consulting Ltd.'
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